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Who is The Floating Yogi?

Everything you need to know about me!

Yoga Teacher

I am a 250 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) who loves sharing the benefits of yoga with others.

Sailor Girl

I am at home on the sea, and am Competent Crew certified with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).


Words are how I connect to people. I am a freelance content writer here and for other publications.

Digital Nomad

I am location independent. I earn money online and teach yoga to my friends at co-working and co-living spaces wherever I am.

I have two passions in my life

Yoga &


Each inspire me in different ways to help my students find some space to breath, a moment of calm and more happiness in their daily lives.  

Where do I teach yoga?

Come join a yoga class with me!

Sailing Escapes

Coming soon!

Interested in a yoga & sailing retreat in the Mediterranean or Caribbean? Let me know

Current Location

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Join me weekly for Karma Vinyasa Yoga at Hot Yoga Playa (Donation Based).

Why yoga?

Yoga came to me as an escape from a busy and stressful life in London ...

Karen the floating yogi

What I have to say

Yoga tips and life observations

Find the right yoga practice to get you started.

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A simple guide to fitting meditation into your daily life

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What my students say...

The honest truth

  • review rating 5  Karen is an amazing yoga teacher. I have had many 1:1s with her and she has helped me improve my yoga practice, and strength and flexibility incredibly. She is very good at picking up on some of the bad habits I have obtained previously and suggesting adaptations to poses when I can't get into them (just yet!). I regularly run marathons and ultra marathons, so Karen has customised her sessions to work with what runners need and around any injuries. Karen is kind and patient, and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to improve in yoga specifically, or just become stronger and more flexible.

    thumb Emma Beynon

    review rating 5  I met Karen in Tenerife and our daily yoga sessions together were the best part of my stay! I’d been practicing yoga before, but my month with Karen strengthened my practice both mentally and physically. Karen is great at adapting the level to her students, giving the newbies support and the more advanced yogis some challenge - all in the same class! She is a good guide for connecting the physical to the emotional and the spiritual. I also loved her readings at the end of class. Altogether an inspiring person that I recommend taking one or many classes with!

    thumb Andréa Kjellberg
  • review rating 5  My first yoga experience! Karen is an amazing instructor and super friendly person. I was worried about making mistakes and not being able to follow the others but Karen helps everyone finding their own flow. Her yoga classes are simply the best way to start the day!

    thumb Fabian Backer

    review rating 5  I met Karen when she was teaching yoga in Tenerife and went to her class every morning on my vacation. She's an amazing instructor and was extremely helpful - she helped me adapt poses to my body and level of flexibility and strengths. The head massage at the end of class is an extra bonus! Highly recommend!!

    thumb Twee Lam
  • review rating 5  I was really nervous to try yoga in a group setting so Karen gave me an amazing one on one class! She was really friendly and I felt like I could just chat to her about what I found difficult. She gave me lots of postures to help with my back problems and showed me easier options for the postures I find hard in a class. I feel confident enough to try a group class now and would love more lessons from Karen in the future! Would definitely reccomend her to anyone wanting practice yoga.

    thumb Emily Jones

    review rating 5  Karen stayed at Nine Coliving as our in-house yoga teacher for 4,5 months during our high season. She did great! Her classes are very clear and fun and Karen has the great ability to adapt to her students. At Nine we have so many different people, from people who have never done yoga to people that are very advanced and a lot of the time they are in the same class. Karen was able to make everyone happy, and not only because of her amazing head massage at the end of the class 😉 on Wednesday’s she taught a meditation and restorative class that was very popular with all of our guests. Apart from the great yogi skills, Karen is just an amazing soul to have around. Super social and cheerful as well as helpful and kind. We will miss her here at Nine! 💕

    thumb Anne Kuppens
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